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Best Technology Devices for Gamers

The internet provided technology through which gaming could occur on oneís personal computer. For many years, this was the primary way through which gamers accessed online casinos. However, technology has provided advancements that have now made it possible to play these games on oneís mobile phone. This has made online gaming much more accessible from virtually anywhere. Also, online casinos have been able to develop mobile casinos that provide the same quality experience to their customers. For this reason, mobile phones have become the best technology devices for gamers to enjoy their favourite online casino games on sites like Lucky Nugget.

Present day mobile phones have evolved from once exclusive communication devices for placing calls to handheld game consoles. In fact, mobile phones have become the most compact entertainment device. Mobile phones are not the most desirable gadgets for gaming. When one thinks of gaming devices, they often visualize teenagers. However, adults typically are the primary gamers using mobile phones. They can use their phones to take a break from work, occupy time when waiting, pass the miles when traveling or simply having fun.

Games designed for mobile phones are much more advanced than the ones played in the past. The graphics are much clearer and have brighter colours. With higher resolution, the games on mobile devices look more like the ones seen in larger displays. Also, the app stores associated with the top mobile phones provide numerous apps for accessing online casino games.

The ability for mobile phones to access high speed internet connections is another reason that they are the best for gaming. This makes it possible to download the games to oneís phone. Mobile phones in the past had to rely on personal computers to download files. These files were then transferred to the mobile phone. Many mobile phones also can access Wi-Fi which makes them access online casinos even easier.

The Simplicity Of Online Bingo

If you fancy playing bingo online and forgoing the effort of having to travel to the bingo hall then you are in for a treat because it really is a simple thing to do. The lure of being able to participate in online bingo games without even needing to leave your house is something that attracts hundreds of new people every day and and the world of Internet bingo is growing at an astonishing rate and especially within the UK where it is most popular.

All you need to do in order to sign up to these website’s is have an email address and a bank account or PayPal account. Indeed, many of these sites now offer some very generous and enticing offers when you first sign up. For example, a common theme with these online bing website’s is to match your initial deposit. This means that if you choose to put £20 into your account after you have signed up and verified your email address then the company will match this credit and put another £20 into your account for free; this means that you will have £40 to play with even if you have only taken £20 from your actual bank account.

Other sites will have no deposit offers and this results in them basically giving you free credit to use without you even needing to put any money in of your own. This doesn’t reduce your chances of winning in any way and you stand just as much a chance as anyone else in gaining a nice profit from playing bingo online. Indeed, all this can be done in a couple of minutes and provides a great opportunity to win some money and meet new people from all over the globe.

Beginning To Play Casino Games Online

Previously the only way to gamble and play casino games was to visit an actual casino and, seeing as they could be hours from your home, it wasn’t a viable option for many people. However, with the internet now present in literally millions of homes, the days of travelling for hours to get to the nearest casino are long gone.

With online casino games you can play all the traditional and classic casino games from the comfort of your computer chair while at the same time finding out new games and also playing some themed ones that you won’t find in an ordinary casino. If you are just starting off in this wonderful world of online gambling then you should get to know a few things first. The games are essentially split into 3 categories; table games, random ticket games and gaming machines.

The table games are the type of games that you would expect from a casino – blackjack, poker etc… and they are as popular online as they are in a casino. Random ticket incorporates the likes of bingo or keno while the gaming machines are your slots etc… Depositing money to your account is a very simple process and the online casino websites will accept most major credit and debit cards with some even allowing you to deposit from PayPal. These sites will, more often than not, allow you to put a monthly limit on how much you can deposit so you are not inclined to overspend and their depositing systems and encrypted and safe to use. Playing these casino games online is a great hobby and way to pass the time; given that you can meet new people and also stand the chance of winning money then it is an opportunity not to pass up.

Golfing Online

The Ryder Cup is one of the most popular yearly golfing tournaments. With free golf games such as Ryder Cup Challenge you can experience the thrill and excitement of the competition from your computer. You simply choose to play for either the USA or Europe and test your golf skills against the opposition on a matchplay basis. All you need is your mouse to drag the club back and forward for your shots however, in this game, you need to take into account things like wind speed and direction if you want to avoid the numerous hazards on the course.

Free golf games do not have to be so serious though and with Beer Golf you can test your putting skills on a crazy golf themed course. The obstacles consist of beer bottles and the objective is to avoid them – or if you are skilled enough use them to deflect your ball – and get the ball into the hole. While the holes may look short they are anything but easy. A helpful aim indicator allows you to see what direction the ball will go in however use too much power and you could very well end up where you began.

If you are someone that enjoys the driving range then Hack Attack is a perfect free golf game for you. The aim is to hit the ball retrieving buggy on the driving range with as many balls as you can until it stops moving. Perfect for improving your accuracy.

Free golf games are in abundance on the internet and they can prove both challenging and entertaining at the same time as the above mentioned games show. Whether it is avoiding beer bottles on the putting green or winning the Ryder Cup for your country, free golf games allow you to do both with relative ease.

Video Game Retail Stores See Profits Drop In January

Video game retailers may have sold a record number of gaming consoles, game titles and accessories in December, but as soon as the holidays came to a close it went right back to business as usual. The release of Microsoft’s new gaming accessory the Kinect helped retailers to reel in consumers that were not planning on making any purchases. ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops,’ was the single best selling video game title of 2010, but now many gamers are more focused on finding out more about upcoming titles before buying them.

A few new video games are being released by developers such as Ubisoft and EA, but they are depending on controversy to increase their sales. Ubisoft made headline news when they released thousands of red balloons in San Francisco to announce their newest title, ‘Homefront.’ Although the game maker certainly got a lot of attention their publicity stunt may not have been big enough to make an impression on cash strapped gamers.

Besides game titles, video game console sales also took a big hit. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were not able to sell as many consoles in January as they were able to in previous months. On the other hand, game accessory sales increased slightly. Sony has continued to lag behind the other major gaming console manufacturers. In late 2011 the PSP 2 will be released, however, the hand held gaming device will be competing directly with the Nintendo DS. Video game retailers may have to wait until the next holiday season to see an increase in revenue.

Despite Internet Censorship China’s Social Gaming Market Grows

In China, it is almost harder for residents to get access to censored information via the Internet than it is to acquire goods on the domestic black market. While Internet censorship in China started off blocking what the government deemed to be controversial political and historical websites, the ban has grown to include everything from adult content to entire search engines. One area that has seen consistent growth despite restrictions in China is the social gaming market. With approximately 124 million of China’s Internet users currently signed up for social networking websites, sites like are hopping on the social gaming bandwagon. What interests these Chinese social networking websites is the fact that US players can’t seem to get enough of the games, and they are willing to pay for them. For instance, Facebook users in the US play games such as CafeWorld, with a good portion of them spending real money to buy credits. Chinese social networking websites see the potential, and now they are in a race to develop games that will attract users by the million.

Recent studies have shown that Chinese social gamers respond almost exactly in the same manner as players from the US in terms of game preference. Because of China’s censorship policies, ultra-violent games such as Mafia Wars are out, but virtual farming games are all the rage. While Chinese gamers probably won’t be as quick to spend money on credits individually, the fact that there are many more Internet users in China will actually help these sites to net more total profits than companies based in the US. What makes social networking games different in China is the fact that the majority of these games are only available on closed platforms. In the US, if you want to play Farmville for instance, you can choose to play the game on about 3 to 5 websites. China’s popular game Happy Farm is the only game currently known to be available on more than one social networking site.


Video Game Console Sales Down – Microsoft Xbox Still Leading

Although nearly one million video game consoles were sold in the US during the month of June, industry analysts say that the numbers were down approximately 30% when compared to the sales posted this time last year. While Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo continue to compete for the same customers, the numbers show that gamers are more focused on buying other types of electronics. The Nintendo 3DS premiered last month to a somewhat lackluster response. Although Nintendo reports that 85,000 units were sold, this is far lower their initial estimates.

The good news is that both Sony and Nintendo are working on releasing the next generation in their video game consoles. Considering the fact that even the youngest gaming console is now five years old, consumers want more than just access to software updates. In their defense, gaming console manufacturers are able to keep their operating costs lower and pass on that savings to consumers by limited the number of consoles that they develop.

Game console manufacturers expect sales to pick up in the fall when the shopping season begins, but they might continue to see a decline in overall year to date profits. The main reason is that many gamers are opting to purchase used and refurbished consoles rather than to shell out twice as much for a brand new game. Game console makers will need to offer more titles, better graphics and price their products competitively in order to get the edge on their competitors and overtake them in overall sales.

‘UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System’ And The Kinect Are A Perfect Match

So its obvious that Microsoft unveiled the Kinect in response to the Nintendo Wii, but the company has not released a whole lot of interactive titles that center around fitness. Nintendo might have ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Just Dance 2,’ but ‘UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System’ promises to get gamers in shape without making them feel warm and fuzzy. The thing about Nintendo Wii games that focus on fitness is that they’re usually geared towards children and those that aren’t really looking for a high impact workout.

With the Kinect, ‘UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System’ players can keep track of their progress and execute each move with provision. You can also customize your avatar to look identical to yourself, and as you continue to workout over a period of time, the definition on your stomach will not just be on your stomach. UFC fighters are known for their hard hitting moves and over the top personalities. Even if you aren’t a fan of the sport itself, you can still get a calorie burning workout just by turning on your Xbox 360.

The game is supported by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, which means that couch potato gamers and professional athletes can get a safe and effective workout. You might never want to get into the ring with a real UFC fighter, but if you have been thinking about making your debut in the sport, ‘UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System’ can give you a good start.

Touch Of Death: The Combat Of Darksiders II Sneak Peak

When ‘Touch of Death’ first was released by Vigil Games, reviewers were torn. The game is hard hitting, action packed and filled with death and destruction, but the real question is, haven’t gamers already seen this again and again? The sequel, ‘Touch Of Death: The Combat Of Darksiders II’ won’t be released until sometime in 2012, but videos of the game in action have been posted on the web. Gamers will play as the character Death, and his menacing name matches up with his moves. The tall, brooding creature doesn’t have a lot of armor, but he stalks his victims with two over sized swords.

The game draws its inspiration from the bible, more specifically the apocalypse. As the forces of good and evil do battle, your objective is to save one of the four horsemen, your brother named War. The game play is fairly simple – rage through levels, defeat your enemies, and eventually face off with the boss. The scenery is beautifully drawn, and the graphics are rendered with stunning precision.

This edition of ‘Touch of Death’ will be faster and more brutal than the first installment. For gamers that like to be able to just pick up the controller and dive in, ‘Touch Of Death: The Combat Of Darksiders II’ will provide them with unlimited entertainment. Of course, you’ll have to wait until 2012 to get you hands on this exciting new title, but there are plenty of screenshots, trailers and interviews with the creators available to satisfy your cravings until then.

Nintendo Aims To Get The Wii In Schools Worldwide

Starting in Japan, the Nintendo Wii is being used by museum curators and art galleries to help explain the long-term effects of gaming technology on popular culture. While it is clear that the Nintendo Wii is great for teaching young kids about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, game maker Shigeru Miyamoto believes that he can go one step further. Miyamoto has launched an initiative to get Japanese schools to make use of the Nintendo Wii. By encorporating the Nintendo Wii with physical education programs, Miyamoto believes that the world can actually get fitter.

Of course, school systems in other parts of the world believe that games have no place in education. Japan seems to always ahead of the times, so perhaps school administrators will begin to change their minds once they see real results. Independently run preschools and charter schools have long used interactive and computer based games to educate youngsters. It took US schools years before computer labs became standard, but the Nintendo Wii might be a harder sell.

Add to that the fact that the Microsoft Kinect is also showing promise, and you can start to see why most school systems are just saying ‘no’ to the Nintendo Wii. The gaming system has helped millions of people to become more physically fit, but it also might be a distraction when used in a classroom setting. It will probably be another few years before Japanese school leaders are able to determine whether or not the Nintendo Wii is an asset.