‘Black Ops’ Limited Jeep Wrangler Produced By Chrysler

Thanks to your tax dollars, the Chrysler automotive company is no longer in danger of going bankrupt. Now that the company is on solid ground, they’ve been playing around with the idea of producing more limited edition vehicles in order to get consumers to buy more cars now. “The Call Of Duty : Black Ops” video game made a record breaking $360 in sales on the very first day it was available in stores. Employees at Chrysler must be fans because in November, Chrysler plans to release the limited edition ‘Black Ops’ Jeep Wrangler in showrooms around the nation. Activision Blizzard, Inc. and Chrysler worked hand in hand to create a car that replicates as much of the video game as possible. Of course, no grenades, knives, or automatic weapons will be available in the base model.

Gamers lined up by the thousand to purchase “The Call of Duty : Black Ops” on November 9th, but they will wait a couple more weeks to see Chrysler’s interpretation. The car maker promises upgrades and features not available on any other Jeep Wrangler, but they are making consumers until the car itself is revealed to see everything. What is known is that the 2011 ‘Black Ops’ Jeep Wrangler will be available in both two door as well as four door models. The car imitates ‘Black Ops’ in-game vehicles quite well with dark colored Rubicon wheels and tail-lamp guards. Since Chrysler already made military styled jeeps, the move to manufacture a gamer’s dream was as easy as it was smart.

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