Gamestop To Initiate New Online Order Process

Many video game purchases are impulsively done, but online video game retailers have been pushing to get more gamers to pre-order on their websites. Now, Gamestop is hoping that their new online video game ‘reservation’ program will get more customers to stop in. Video game developers have helped out retailers substantially by starting massive advertising campaigns meant to get customers so worked up that they’re happy to shell out their cash now in order to be amongst the first to get a copy weeks, or even months later. While this approach gives video game retailers like Gamestop access to cash in the weeks before a game is launched, it doesn’t help them to continue pushing for sales after the frenzy dies down.

Using business models used by failed movie rental giants like Blockbuster, Gamestop wants gamers to browse their website and reserve the copies of video games they want to purchase now. Instead of just buying the game online and waiting for it to be shipped to their homes, gamers can pick up the titles that they want on the very same day. The idea is that Internet surfers that click on an ad for Gamestop will be more likely to make a purchase once they find that they can almost instantly have a copy of their preferred game in hand. Companies such as Netflix and RedBox have entered the ‘instant access’ market, allowing subscribers to rent games online and from kiosks. With the number of companies that distribute video games dwindling, Gamestop stands a good chance of retaining their existing client base as well as securing a new share of the market.


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