Golfing Online

The Ryder Cup is one of the most popular yearly golfing tournaments. With free golf games such as Ryder Cup Challenge you can experience the thrill and excitement of the competition from your computer. You simply choose to play for either the USA or Europe and test your golf skills against the opposition on a matchplay basis. All you need is your mouse to drag the club back and forward for your shots however, in this game, you need to take into account things like wind speed and direction if you want to avoid the numerous hazards on the course.

Free golf games do not have to be so serious though and with Beer Golf you can test your putting skills on a crazy golf themed course. The obstacles consist of beer bottles and the objective is to avoid them – or if you are skilled enough use them to deflect your ball – and get the ball into the hole. While the holes may look short they are anything but easy. A helpful aim indicator allows you to see what direction the ball will go in however use too much power and you could very well end up where you began.

If you are someone that enjoys the driving range then Hack Attack is a perfect free golf game for you. The aim is to hit the ball retrieving buggy on the driving range with as many balls as you can until it stops moving. Perfect for improving your accuracy.

Free golf games are in abundance on the internet and they can prove both challenging and entertaining at the same time as the above mentioned games show. Whether it is avoiding beer bottles on the putting green or winning the Ryder Cup for your country, free golf games allow you to do both with relative ease.

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