Kinect May Connect Advertisers To Targeted Gamers

After finding that webcams could still be recording even after users disabled them, weary consumers started throwing tshirts over the lenses and disconnecting them altogether. Now that Microsoft has unveiled their latest peripheral for the Xbox video game console, the Kinect, they have already revealed what many assumed they had planned from the start. Microsoft admits that they may use the Kinect’s facial recognition software to match advertisers to targeted demographics. To take it even further, the Kinect’s infrared camera may be used to collect data on everything that it captures. That means that everything from information on the condition of your couch to your family size could be used by Microsoft to give advertisers an edge.

The chief financial and operating officer at Microsoft Xbox recently spoke to interested investors about the Kinect’s potential. Investors were given a detailed picture of the future of advertising, thanks largely in part by the camera capabilities of the Kinect and Microsoft’s wide range of customers. Days after excitedly describing how much information could be gathered about the Kinect’s customer base, Microsoft backpedaled and denied that they planned to disclose any personal information on gamers. It looks like Microsoft wants to pull in investors on the basis that they will indeed use this technology, but reassure consumers that their privacy is respected. While Microsoft really would love to have it both ways, you probably should play it safe and just go ahead and chuck an old tshirt on top of your Kinect when not in use.


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