Nintendo Aims To Get The Wii In Schools Worldwide

Starting in Japan, the Nintendo Wii is being used by museum curators and art galleries to help explain the long-term effects of gaming technology on popular culture. While it is clear that the Nintendo Wii is great for teaching young kids about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, game maker Shigeru Miyamoto believes that he can go one step further. Miyamoto has launched an initiative to get Japanese schools to make use of the Nintendo Wii. By encorporating the Nintendo Wii with physical education programs, Miyamoto believes that the world can actually get fitter.

Of course, school systems in other parts of the world believe that games have no place in education. Japan seems to always ahead of the times, so perhaps school administrators will begin to change their minds once they see real results. Independently run preschools and charter schools have long used interactive and computer based games to educate youngsters. It took US schools years before computer labs became standard, but the Nintendo Wii might be a harder sell.

Add to that the fact that the Microsoft Kinect is also showing promise, and you can start to see why most school systems are just saying ‘no’ to the Nintendo Wii. The gaming system has helped millions of people to become more physically fit, but it also might be a distraction when used in a classroom setting. It will probably be another few years before Japanese school leaders are able to determine whether or not the Nintendo Wii is an asset.

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