Professional Gamer Releases Book For Novices

Stephen White is an ordinary young American. He spends much of his time playing video games, particularly ‘Halo.’ The only thing that sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he makes his entire income via gaming. When White isn’t busy competing with his gaming team named Second Nature, stays sharp by practicing and helping newbies learn how to master video games. In recent years, more people have learned about just how lucrative playing video games can be. From national tournaments to Internet game development, just about anyone with a game controller and a little free time can make a relative fortune in the video game industry.

While Stephen White makes a lot of his money from competitive gaming, he is making an increasing amount of income from helping the very same people that may end up beating him one day. After penning a book that details how gamers can beat other players and win in ‘Halo’, White has been able to consistently sell enough copies to fuel his addiction and pad his bank account. In addition, he has launched a new website that gives fans of the game unlimited access to some of his most coveted tips and tricks. At only 20 years old, Stephen White is living the life that teens dream about. He may not be a millionaire, but he has been able to live quite comfortably by playing video games and showing other players how to rise to his level. If White is able to keep working at this pace he may even be able to retire soon.

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