Secret Service Operatives Get New Video Game Based Training Tools

You may have never heard of ‘Tiny Town,’ but then again you probably aren’t a member of the US Secret Service. This is the name of the platform that they have been using exclusively for years to test and train their agents. In order to see how Secret Service agents respond to emergency situations, ‘Tiny Town,’ generates a number of possible scenarios. So far, the program has been effective but the US government feel that an upgrade is necessary. It should be noted that the original, ‘Tiny Town,’ was extremely similar to a board game.

Soon, US Secret Service operatives will be training on a new and improved version of the program aptly named, ‘Virtual Tiny Town.’ This video game based training program will allow the Secret Service to give trainees a more realistic feel of what they can expect before they go out into the field. In addition, they will need to learn how to react when they are bombarded with an attack of smoke, wind and other elemental factors in this simulated training experience. Overall, it will be easier to measure when a new trainee is ready to be promoted because ‘Virtual Tiny Town,’ will elicit a more realistic reaction. With better trained US Secret Service agents in the field, US citizens will know that they will be much safer. Many may think that video games are for entertainment purposes only but military and governmental agencies are proving that this technology can not only improve training but it can also help reduce costs.

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