Touch Of Death: The Combat Of Darksiders II Sneak Peak

When ‘Touch of Death’ first was released by Vigil Games, reviewers were torn. The game is hard hitting, action packed and filled with death and destruction, but the real question is, haven’t gamers already seen this again and again? The sequel, ‘Touch Of Death: The Combat Of Darksiders II’ won’t be released until sometime in 2012, but videos of the game in action have been posted on the web. Gamers will play as the character Death, and his menacing name matches up with his moves. The tall, brooding creature doesn’t have a lot of armor, but he stalks his victims with two over sized swords.

The game draws its inspiration from the bible, more specifically the apocalypse. As the forces of good and evil do battle, your objective is to save one of the four horsemen, your brother named War. The game play is fairly simple – rage through levels, defeat your enemies, and eventually face off with the boss. The scenery is beautifully drawn, and the graphics are rendered with stunning precision.

This edition of ‘Touch of Death’ will be faster and more brutal than the first installment. For gamers that like to be able to just pick up the controller and dive in, ‘Touch Of Death: The Combat Of Darksiders II’ will provide them with unlimited entertainment. Of course, you’ll have to wait until 2012 to get you hands on this exciting new title, but there are plenty of screenshots, trailers and interviews with the creators available to satisfy your cravings until then.

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