UK Disables Koobface Servers

Koobface, a malicious software that has taken over accounts, phished passwords, distorted search results and remotely controlled home computers since July of 2008 has been stopped – at least for now. Researchers have been able to track the dangerous developers back to Russia, but so far other evidence has found. Three separate Koobface servers were taken down, and the main computer was recently taken offline. Countless other computers are still running Koobface software, and it is only a matter of time before the hackers begin again. Originally appearing on Facebook, victims clicked on links that brought them to pages they thought would show a video. After being tricked into downloading Koobface software, their computers became remotely controlled. Then, the friends of infected users were sent similar malicious links, causing the cycle to repeat. Koobface has reportedly made in excess of $2 million in two years. The ill gotten profits were tracked to Paymer, an online payment processor much like Moneybookers, Paypal and Epassporte. From there, the Koobface trail goes cold. On top of taking over home computers, Koobface also pushed fake anti-virus software onto victims, hoping that they would be desperate enough to take the bait. The people responsible for creating Koobface targeted websites that would allow them to quickly and easily create thousands of accounts. In total, over 520,000 Facebook, Blogspot and Gmail accounts were made by the creators behind Koobface and their cohorts. Now that the main Koobface servers have been shut down, officials expect that a new rash of fake ads and accounts will be coming soon.

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