Video Game Console Sales Down – Microsoft Xbox Still Leading

Although nearly one million video game consoles were sold in the US during the month of June, industry analysts say that the numbers were down approximately 30% when compared to the sales posted this time last year. While Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo continue to compete for the same customers, the numbers show that gamers are more focused on buying other types of electronics. The Nintendo 3DS premiered last month to a somewhat lackluster response. Although Nintendo reports that 85,000 units were sold, this is far lower their initial estimates.

The good news is that both Sony and Nintendo are working on releasing the next generation in their video game consoles. Considering the fact that even the youngest gaming console is now five years old, consumers want more than just access to software updates. In their defense, gaming console manufacturers are able to keep their operating costs lower and pass on that savings to consumers by limited the number of consoles that they develop.

Game console manufacturers expect sales to pick up in the fall when the shopping season begins, but they might continue to see a decline in overall year to date profits. The main reason is that many gamers are opting to purchase used and refurbished consoles rather than to shell out twice as much for a brand new game. Game console makers will need to offer more titles, better graphics and price their products competitively in order to get the edge on their competitors and overtake them in overall sales.

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